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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Visited Pittsburgh the last couple of days, and yesterday I did the rounds at all the local guitar stores. As soon as I entered Hollywood Guitars, I knew I was in trouble, because your guitars are absolutely beautiful. So, I started playing them, and every single one of them was absolutely amazing. Each one was different, had a different feel, different sound - but they were all exceptional quality.
The second one I picked up was this sea-foam green guitar that was nicely reliced. This one just sung. She immediately begged to go home with me. The more I played this guitar, the more it just felt perfect. The wear marks on the neck are my sweet spots, my go to areas to play. The pick ups suit my snappy, pull the strings, and pick as hard as you can style. Everything I did with this guitar, she just went along for the ride, and sounded great! Needless to say, she followed me back to Chillicothe. I left Pittsburgh at 4 am and drove back so I could plug her into my rig before work this afternoon.
I am completely blown away by this guitar! I must tell you, I have 24 guitars now, and 15 of them are telecaster style guitars. I will put this one up against any of them, and she will hold her own. That includes my Tom Anderson, Forrest Lee Custom, G& L Custom, Steelworks custom, and my many Warmoth parts guitars. This guitar is super light, and was set up perfectly. I had already picked out which guitars I was planning to bring to tomorrow night’s gig. Honestly, none of them will get played - unless I break a string (which I never do).
Loved every one of your guitars. You do amazing work.
Darren Woyce

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